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Vasayo Eternal

Introducing Eternal by Vasayo! Featuring the world’s most potent known antioxidants and polyphenols, Eternal is a revolutionary age-defying blend that combines youth-restoring antioxidants delivered through our Advanced Liposomal Technology for optimal absorption, assimilation, and performance from the inside out.

Contains Powerful Liposomal Polyphenols: These powerful antioxidants counteract the effects of free radicals by supporting the systems within our bodies that increasingly come under attack as we age.*

Helps Raise Collagen Levels: Eternal helps to significantly increase collagen and elastin.* Helps Promote Cellular Lifespan: Eternal was formulated with properties designed to target the root cause of aging.


Vasayo Core Complete

Core Complete is the result of the Vasayo scientific team’s determining what core nutrition really means and looks like on a daily basis. And, as you’ll see, it doesn’t begin and end with just vitamins and minerals.

Fills Nutrition Gaps: Core Complete is designed to provide a convenient way to improve nutrition and fill in the gaps for those with deficiencies in their daily diet.*


Vasayo Neuro

Boost your brain power! The brain is the command center of our body—and our health. A healthy, happy brain benefits virtually every area of the body. That’s why it’s so important the brain receives the nutrition it needs. Vasayo MicroLife Neuro provides just that. Featuring our proprietary liposomal delivery technology for advanced bioavailability, Neuro delivers clinically proven, brain-boosting nutrients that your body requires for clarity, memory, and cognitive function. Whether it’s a complex task, a demanding work assignment, or an important social gathering, Neuro gives you the brainpower you need.


Vasayo Sleep

Vasayo Sleep provides an expertly formulated blend of proven ingredients to help you get ready for—and experience—a healthy, rejuvenating sleep. Does this sound like you? You work hard, you hurry through the day, getting done all you need. But when it comes time for bed, you struggle to get to sleep. You’re stressed, and you can’t stop worrying about all your responsibilities. Or perhaps you get to sleep, but wake up in the night, restless and not able to return to a restful sleep. The troubling fact is you’re not alone with about 63% of adult Americans struggling with some form of unhealthy sleep. And because sleep is so crucial to one’s wellness, all these people are suffering in other areas of health.


Vasayo Kardia

Kardia brings together the world’s four leading heart-health ingredients, each clinically backed and internationally recognized, to form one highly bioavailable daily heart-health supplement. Designed to accompany and strengthen a healthy diet, Kardia provides nutritious support to one of your body’s most vital internal organs. Nearly one million lives per year in the USA are lost to cardiovascular disease, a preventable illness. Give your heart some love. Give it Kardia.


Vasayo V-Mune

Support your body’s immune responses, an integration of high-performing vitamins and phytochemicals is necessary. V-Mune is that meticulously researched formula your immune system needs!

Advanced Delivery Technology

Experience the life-changing power of supplements that deliver maximum nutrition with maximum results.

Tired of nutritional supplements that don’t deliver? With traditional products, only a small portion of what you’re paying for actually reaches its intended target within the body. Vasayo has redefined the science of supplementation with formulations and delivery systems that deliver nutrition without waste.

Demand more from your nutrition

With Liposomal Technology, capture all the good you were meant to receive.

Vasayo is the first nutritional company to put multiple nutrients inside of liposomes to dramatically improve bioavailability. Our liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” that surround nutrients, helping them pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.

Put simply, Liposomal Technology means better delivery and better results, providing you with energy, health and strength to pursue your dreams vigorously and tackle whatever life sends your way.

Vasayo Active Lifestyle


Vasayo V3

Ignite your life! Enjoy natural, sustained energy with V3. This combination of healthful nutrients delivers a sustained, feel-good energy to help you live with passion for everything that matters most.*


Vasayo Renew

Today’s modern world presents a variety of health threats. From poor diets to an ever-increasing exposure to toxins to mounting stress, our bodies are under constant attack from free radicals and imbalanced inflammation. Even with heightened efforts to protect ourselves, it’s difficult to enjoy the protection we need. Vasayo Renew helps reset the body, providing an increased measure of cellular protection to help support cartilage and joint function, healthier cells and tissues, and an overall enhanced state of wellness.


Vasayo Coffee

Vasayo Coffee, a medium-dark roast coffee brewed from Arabica beans, solves the problems of excessive caffeination and the carcinogenic effects from roasting that most coffees present while providing something almost no other coffee does – and all-natural, adaptogenic blend of herbs that adapts to your body’s particular needs.


Vasayo Eternal Active

Mobility. Flexibility. Agility. If you’ve been longing for the quickness and dexterity of yesterday, Eternal Active is the solution you’ve been looking for! Combining the most powerful superfruit antioxidants sourced from around the world with liposomal glutathione, Eternal Active is also infused with glucosamine to meet the needs of your active lifestyle.

The VASAYO Scientific Advisory Board’s mission

To improve quality of life through holistic health education and to provide cutting-edge scientific information on best-in-class advanced delivery nutraceuticals. This dual mission enables individuals to make wise lifestyle choices, which will enable them to progress toward optimal health.

A Different Approach

Vasayo’s leadership isn’t letting accolades like the prestigious IFAH award go to their heads. Instead, they’re taking their accomplishments in stride while remaining focused on a different approach to success, one that extends beyond revenue and rewards.

Vasayo’s President Daniel Picou says, “health and wellness continue to play a major role in all of our lives as a global society. Whether through our products or our philanthropic efforts, Vasayo will be at the forefront of the battle to help people everywhere live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.”

Vasayo Weight Management



Vasayo V-Tox

Reclaim cellular purity. V-Tox is a food-and-plant-based blend of cleansing herbs and fulvic acid that provides vital nutrients to the body’s elimination organs for a total detoxifying experience.*


Vasayo V-Burn

V-Burn is the weight-loss supplement that finally gets the job done. That’s because balancing the healthy transmission of your body’s leptin and adiponectin hormones is key to burning and releasing stored fat. V-Burn contains Hydroxy X, a double-patented ingredient clinically validated to naturally balance leptin and adiponectin. And with a plant-based formula made with all-natural, fat-burning ingredients, attaining a healthier, trimmer you is now within reach!


Vasayo V-Shake Whey

V-Shake delivers a maximum, ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which are considered to be essential, basic building blocks to every function in the human body. With 25g of protein in every serving, V-Shake comes in both a rich cocoa-flavored vegan option and a creamy vanilla-flavored whey option.*


Vasayo V-Shake Vegan

A premium-quality protein shake that delivers a daily, maximally ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Considered by medical professionals and scientists alike to be “essential,” BCAAs are the basic building blocks to every function in your body.


Vasayo V-Slim


Many weight management products on the market today take a narrow focus to weight control. Not V-Slim: Weight Management! This comprehensive formula boasts multiple ingredients to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, slow cortisol production, and maintain healthy blood-sugar levels. All this while providing a delicious and hydrating taste experience!


Very Special Delivery

Discover the Power of Liposomes

By protecting nutrients through the harsh environment of the digestive system, our Liposomal Technology defines the science of advanced delivery and maximizes health benefits received.


A Better Pill to Swallow

Enzymes Engineered for Excellence

Our smart enzyme delivery system is designed to help replace lost enzymes and ensure that nutrients are absorbed and utilized faster and more effectively than they otherwise would be.


The VASAYO Scientific Advisory Board’s mission is to improve quality of life through holistic health education and to provide cutting-edge scientific information on best-in-class advanced delivery nutraceuticals. This dual mission enables individuals to make wise lifestyle choices, which will enable them to progress toward optimal health.

Vasayo Age Defying


Vasayo Premere

YOUR TELOMERES ARE SHORTENING. NOW, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! What is a Telomere? Telomeres are like the plastic ends of your shoelaces. With the protective covering intact, shoes are easy to tie. If the protective covering breaks apart, so do your shoelaces until they are unable to be tied. In the same way, telomeres protectively cap the ends of your DNA strands. Telomeres protect our cells so they can work properly.


Vasayo Beleza Hydrating Mist

Make your natural beauty last with Beléza Hydrating Mist, which uses a proprietary blend containing pollushield™ to triple protect your skin against pollution, blue-light exposure from your digital devices, and extreme environments.*


Vasayo Beleza Serum

Your beauty never was skin deep. Make it even deeper with Beléza Serum, a dual-purpose, face-and-eye solution that reinforces the skin’s protective barrier and helps maintain firmness of healthy skin.*


Vasayo Beleza Rejuvenating Cream

Reflect radiance, inside and out! Beléza Rejuvenating Cream was formulated with reproage™ peptide and a high-performance blend that directs skin cells to fend off the aging triggers and regenerate as younger skin does for luminous, silky results.


Vasayo Beleza Collagen

Your beauty retention routine begins with Beléza Collagen, a complex, multi-nutrient formula that supports soft, supple, and beautiful skin. A great tasting blend of collagen, biotin, keratin, and antioxidants, Beléza Collagen is filled with powerful nutrients that can keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy. And our proprietary micronization process creates ultra-micro collagen molecules that ensure quick and complete absorption. Retain and maintain beautiful, glowing skin with a daily dose of Beléza Collagen!

Our Mission


We Belive

We believe in the power of liposomal technology and other advanced delivery systems to optimize health and wellness by delivering maximum nutrition to the human body and we believe that by empowering people to change their physical, emotional and financial health, we empower them to change the world.

For passionate people who seek abundance in life, we create products that promote wellness, enhance beauty and support daily renewal—then we share our products through a global family of Brand Partners. Through our science, we maximize the delivery of nutrients to the human body using liposomal technology and other advanced delivery systems. And through our mission to bless 1 million lives, we empower our Brand Partners to change the world.


Abundance is a powerful mindset:

Abundance breeds gratitude.

Abundance is joyful.

Abundance believes in better.

Abundance nurtures happiness.

Abundance is motivating.

Abundance is inspiring.

Abundance is hopeful.


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