A premium-quality protein shake that delivers a daily, maximally ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Considered by medical professionals and scientists alike to be “essential,” BCAAs are the basic building blocks to every function in your body.

Driven by the strength of its multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies for optimum body absorption and response, V-Shake comes in two exquisitely flavored choices—grass-fed whey Creamy Vanilla or plant-based vegan Rich Cocoa.


Each V-Shake formula utilizes a proprietary multiple-enzyme blend and process to break down our premium proteins into digestible amino acids that your body can put to ideal potential use. This delivery technology not only aids in the digestion of the natural carbohydrates and fats found in V-Shake, it completely solves the problems of bloating and gas that occur with other protein shakes.

V-Shake also delivers a maximum amount of BCAAs to the body with an advanced delivery technology that uses liposomes to protectively microencapsulate our formulas’ premium amino acids and then fortify and stabilize them with microlayers of natural Vitamin E.

THE RESULT: Superior absorption and bioavailability of BCAAs for maximum protein support and performance!




Strength & Muscle Health: Extensive research reveals that increasing protein intake helps increase overall strength, promotes muscle growth when participating in a strength-training program, and prevents muscle loss when achieving weight-loss goals.*

Heart Support: Has been linked to heart-healthy benefits, including healthy blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels.*

Reduce Snacking: Protein is a macronutrient that studies have shown gratifies hunger, giving you the feeling of being full without the need for fatty, high-calorie foods.*

Long-Lasting Energy: With 25 grams of protein and a formula that includes beneficial fats in quantities your body needs, you’ll enjoy a healthy, enduring energy.*

Bone Health: Studies suggest high-protein regimens help maintain bone mass as we age.*

Healthy Digestion: A broad array of enzymes and dietary fiber helps ensure complete digestive support without bloating or embarrassing gas.*

Dense in Healthy Fats: Both protein shakes deliver a substantial amount of highly nutritious healthy fats, specifically sunflower lecithin which provides the body with a clean, fast-acting source of energy.*

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