Superior Quality + Enhanced Delivery = Optimal Health

It’s no secret that our modern food supply is fraught with dangerous ingredients, from various forms of sugar to synthesized chemicals. Even those who make the best efforts to eat well fall short of an optimal diet. Specially formulated to fill in your nutritional gaps, Core Essentials is a superior-quality multivitamin and trace mineral complex that utilizes Advanced Delivery Technology for robust nutrient bioavailability, all of which helps you build a foundation for optimal wellness.

Features & Benefits

Superior Bioavailability: Our proprietary liposomal-encapsulation technology ensures vastly improved nutrient delivery and absorption within the body over traditional supplements.

Fills Nutrition Gaps: Virtually everyone suffers from deficiencies in their diet. Core Essentials provides the nutrients where they’re needed.

Comprehensive Benefits: This carefully blended formula delivers an impressive array of benefits spanning virtually every body system, including the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, glandular, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems.

Firm Foundation: Core Essentials helps users build a strong foundation for long-term health.

Enhanced Energy & Stamina: Core Essentials can help boost natural, sustained energy for a more productive lifestyle.

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