vasayo neuro

Vasayo MICROLIFE Neuro

Neuro delivers clinically proven, brain-boosting nutrients that your body requires for clarity, memory, and cognitive function. Whether it’s a complex task, a demanding work assignment, or an important social gathering.

vasayo renew

Vasayo MICROLIFE Renew

MicroLife Renew helps reset the body, providing an increased measure of cellular protection to help support cartilage and joint function, healthier cells and tissues, and an overall enhanced state of wellness.

vasayo sleep

Vasayo MICROLIFE Sleep

MicroLife Sleep provides an expertly formulated blend of proven ingredients to help you get ready for—and experience—a healthy, rejuvenating sleep. Get That Restful Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of.


Vasayo V-SLIM

Proper weight control is a complex issue, with factors like stress, hormone imbalance, and appetite suppression playing key roles in achieving a healthy weight. The good news is V-Slim: Weight Management is designed to address each of these areas.


Vasayo Core Complete

Core Complete is the result of the Vasayo scientific team’s determining what core nutrition really means and looks like on a daily basis. And, as you’ll see, it doesn’t begin and end with just vitamins and minerals. Organic Superfood Blend & Multivitamin/Mineral Complex.


Vasayo MicroLife V3

MicroLife V3, contains proven ingredients that provide natural, sustained energy to help you conquer your day—every day! Enjoy Natural, Sustained Energy: This combination of healthful nutrients delivers a sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.*


Vasayo V-TOX

V-Tox, a food-and-plant-based blend of Fulvic Acid and cleansing herbs that, combined with Vasayo’s Advanced Liposomal Delivery Technology, provide vital nutrients to the elimination organs for a total body detoxifying experience.


Vasayo Eternal

Introducing Eternal by Vasayo! Featuring the world’s most potent known antioxidants and polyphenols, Eternal is a revolutionary age-defying blend that combines youth-restoring antioxidants delivered through our Advanced Liposomal Technology.


Vasayo V-Shake

V-Shake formula utilizes a proprietary multiple-enzyme blend and process to break down our premium proteins into digestible amino acids that your body can put to ideal potential use. This delivery technology aids in the digestion of the natural carbohydrates and fats.


Vasayo Beleza

Beleza Rejuvenating Cream was formulated with reproage peptide and a high-performance blend that directs skin cells to fend off the aging triggers and regenerate as younger skin does for luminous, silky results.

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